We can help you with

Training & Competence solutions to enhance the competence and performance of your people

The T&C offerings include: the design and development of policy, processes and systems aligned to existing HR practices. T&C audits and reviews. Communication, design and delivery of supervisory training solutions.


Interim Management to strengthen a project team with expertise, support a change programme or plug a management resource gap

Interim management is typically used to support organisations going through a major change who can provide stability and bring with them a wealth of experience and an ability to roll up their sleeves and deliver.


Regulation and Legislation translation to provide simple, easy to understand policies, processes and systems that are compliant and aligned to your strategy

Advice on complex regulation translation for example the Mortgage Market Review, Mortgage Credit Directive, DISP, MCOB and ICOB developing customer led journeys in response to business and regulatory change; including the deployment of associated processes.


Managing change in a way that meets the needs of the business in a timely, people led way

Successful change management involves consultation and the involvement of the people affected by the change, supported by thoughtful, organised planning to deliver the change in an achievable, understandable and measurable way.


Coaching and mentoring to inspire greater levels of performance

Coaching to focus on achieving specific goals and skills over a short defined period of time and mentoring traditionally over the longer term to support a more inexperienced team member.