Employees First, Customers Second: Turning your approach to T&C upside down in 2021.

Lynne Hargreaves of Clearstep Consulting will be joining Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don’t Forget for an exclusive new webinar on the 24th February at 10.00 am.

We will be discussing why a more robust approach to T&C in 2021 will be critical for regulated firms looking to enhance consumer trust in the brand.

In this webinar you’ll learn more about:

  • How consumers have redefined the rules of engagement.
  • The role of T&C in the new reality.
  • T&C comply or compete, the choice is yours.
  • The relationship between T&C, culture, brand and financial performance.
  • Choosing how and when to assess your employees.

Please click here to register https://info.elephantsdontforget.com/webinar-registration-employees-first-customers-second


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