FCA Publishes Policy Statement PS17/21 – Insurance Distribution Directive Near Final Rules

This Policy Statement from the FCA provides their response to the feedback received to CP 17/7 on the IDD. It also sets out the near-final rules with regards application, professional requirements, complaints handling and ICOB. For those with responsibility for T&C, please note it introduces the completion of 15 hours CPD each year for relevant staff, some of whom might be Retail Investment Advisers where the 35 hours composition has changed.

Firms are required to comply with these new rules by 23 February 2018. Please click here for:

FCA Policy Statement https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/policy/ps17-21.pdf

IDD – What’s it all about https://www.trailight.co.uk/idd-whats-it-all-about/#more-544